Resolutions of the General Assemblies

With the aim of having presentations and practical cases discussed during the General Assemblies, working sessions serve as support for the adoption and sustainability of measures to strengthen participating tax administrations, the General Assembly issues a resolution “recommending” given practices or actions, which become technical guidelines, based on the consensuses reached in discussing the different topics.

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No.45 Quito, Ecuador 2011
  • Tax Morale as Determining Factor in Improving the Effectiveness of the Tax Administration
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No.44 Montevideo, Uruguay 2010
  • The Role of the Tax Administrations in the Global Crisis
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No.43 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2009
  • Modern Vision of the Tax Administrations
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No.42 Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala 2008
  • Strategies for the Promotion of Voluntary Compliance
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No.41 Bridgetown, Barbados 2007
  • Key Structural Aspects of the Tax Administrations
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No.40 Florianopolis, Brasil 2006
  • Potential Collection as a Goal of Tax Administration
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No.39 Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005
  • The Role of the Tax Administration in the Society
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No.38 Cochabamba, Bolivia 2004
  • The Examination Function of the Tax Administration
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No. 37 Cancun, Mexico 2003
  • Strategies and Instruments for the Improvement and Efficiency of the Tax Administration
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