From Carbon taxation in developing countries – United Nations Workshop (First session) The U.N session starts with an evaluation of the carbon taxation on companies: How do we prevent companies paying a carbon tax from competition from companies in jurisdiction that do not have one? This introduces the concept of…

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In December 2020, the Tax Administration of Ecuador began a digital reengineering process in the framework of its Improvement Program. The focus of the program revolves around the need to strengthen the integration scheme between the different processes and information systems, promoting coverage and opportunity, in compliance with the constitutional…

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Very often we hear, read, or see reports, announcements, or news about the application of artificial intelligence, and particularly machine learning – to solve problems or make your solution more efficient. The tax administration, of course, can also benefit from the application of these technologies to improve risk management, process…

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Climate change mitigation is a global emergency. The world faces already graves consequences of lack of previous collective action, and the increase in climate-related damages shows the consequences of the too slow global answer to the threat of carbon emissions on the warming of our planet’s atmosphere. As you may…

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Introduction To achieve sustainable development in the medium and long term, it is essential that each country has its own resources and management capacity. These resources, in particular for Argentina, have been insufficient for many years and for this reason, two paths have emerged that so far have provided no…

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Closing this unfortunate 2020 is a good time to gather the available information regarding the evolution of the tax revenue, collected in the recently published Revenue Report COVID-19 (RRC) of CIAT. This third edition of the RRC analyzes the data available for the January-September 2020 period and incorporates information from…

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