At the end of 2022, the use of the OSInt technique for the tax investigation of a well-known figure in music was made public, by the Spanish tax agency. Through photos uploaded by the star to her social networks, among other elements, the Treasury was able to geoposition her to…

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Trying to stabilize the global climate is an unprecedented challenge for humanity in the 21st century, and progress has been made. Although this progress is slow, in view of the climate emergency, progress is rapid on a human scale. Each economic sector and each country have to play its role,…

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ESG factors is the acronym for Environmental Social and Governance factors, in Spanish this acronym is also translated ASG. In private companies and also in public agencies, it is the subject of a wide debate with the introduction of mandatory and voluntary disclosure measures. This can affect companies of all…

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Often, the tax Authorities (TAs) they are immersed in greater or lesser magnitude processes of change derived both from internal modernization and improvement projects and from the need to align with the orientations and objectives proposed by international institutions (OECD, IMF, CIAT, etc.) The change management processes depends on the…

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The tax on wealth (both global, on the possession of certain assets or on their transfer), is included within the direct taxation, and tends to tax the taxpayers with the greatest contributory capacity.   Its importance While the population of the richest decile in Europe represents 59% of the wealth…

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Cryptographic games based on Web 3.0 and blockchain technology attract a diverse and increasingly large audience. Gaming transactions reached 7.4 billion, a growth of 37% over the previous year and a staggering 3260% since 2020. In 2022, on average, 1.13 million unique active wallets were connected daily to apps [1] of games. That’s a…

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