Revenue Report COVID-19 (RRC) 1st Quarter of 2021

After year 2020 in which revenue collection in constant values in the countries analyzed in the Report fell by an average of -9.3%, the monthly variations in the first quarter of 2021 with respect to 2020 show spectacular growths. More importantly, with respect to 2019, the baseline scenario for assessing the recovery, the improvement in revenue collection is also observed, even though more modestly and not in all countries, regions and tax categories Link to the report.  

In order to complement the Revenue Report COVID-19 (RRC) 1st Quarter of 2021, CIAT publishes the contents of the COVID – 19 Collection Database. It contains summarized data of the 2020/2019, the first four months of 2021/2020 and 2021/2019 monthly and cumulative variations both constant and current of the total collection, income taxes (IT), value added taxes (VAT), excise taxes and other revenues.


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