Registrations open for 2024

We have started the registration for the virtual courses to be held in the first semester of 2024; these courses were specially designed to strengthen the capacities of tax administration officials.

It is important to highlight the following aspects of our training program:

  • Modality: Virtual Asynchronous.
  • Personalized support: each course has a tutor assigned to follow up on the activities and ensure a thorough understanding of the material..
  • Technical support: We offer ongoing technical assistance to ensure a smooth learning experience.
  • Exclusive CIAT material: our courses feature exclusive and updated content, prepared specifically for us.

Who can participate?
The call is open both to officials of CIAT member tax administrations and to the public in general.

What are the technical requirements for completing the CIAT courses?
Participants should have the following tools:

  • Internet connection
  • Updated browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox o Safari).
  • Permissions to receive external mail.
  • Adobe Reader.
  • Java.
  • Zoom, which is the tool for synchronous sessions.

What will my certification be like?
Participants who complete the training process and fulfill the activities will receive a certificate issued by CIAT, which certifies that they have passed the course.

How do I find out about future courses?
If you wish to receive information on courses, subscribe to our Newsletter system, or visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Available Courses

Taxation Program 13ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 24, 2024

Course of Information Exchange 12ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 17, 2024

Course of Transfer Pricing 17ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 03, 2024

Course of Customs 8ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 13, 2024

Course of Tax Estimates 7ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 06, 2024

Course of Business Analytics 3ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, April 22, 2024

Tax Policy and Technique Program 8ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, April 15, 2024

Course of Tax Ethics and Citizenship 9ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, April 15, 2024

Course of Management Leadership 2ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, April 08, 2024

Curso de Liderazgo Gerencial 2ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, 08 de abril de 2024

Course of Tax Collection 8ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, March 11, 2024

Course of Electronic Invoicing 3ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, March o4, 2024

Course of Tax Sociology 3ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, February 26, 2024

Tax Administration Program 13ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, February 19, 2024

Course of Tax Code 8ed

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, March 18, 2024


  • Edx, Virtual, January 03, 2024


  • Edx, Virtual, January 03, 2023

Course of Transfer Pricing 16ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, October 09, 2023

Course of Tax Sociology 2ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, September 11, 2023

Tax Administration Program 12ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, September 18, 2023

Taxation Program 12ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, August, 07 2023

Course of Tax Estimates 6ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, July 24, 2023

Management Leadership Course 1ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, July 03, 2023

Course on Tax Collection 7ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 12, 2023

Course on Transfer Pricing 15ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 05, 2023

Course of Electronic Invoicing 2ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 22,2023

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