Surinamese Tax Administration receives technical assistance on risk management techniques in the framework of the CIAT- GIZ Cooperation Agreement

Thanks to the CIAT- GIZ cooperation program, on April 20 to 24, the CIAT Executive Secretariat coordinated technical assistance on risk management.

This issue is a strategic priority for several tax administrations in Latin America and the Caribbean and was the focus of the 49th CIAT General Assembly, held in May 2015.

As a result of the assessment, existing information sources and risk indicators were reviewed, in order to define a strategy for increasing, improving and better use the available information sources. Through this strategy it will be possible to use the resources of the tax authorities, only in those cases where there is a real risk of tax evasion, avoidance or fraud.

CIAT-GIZ-surinam-05-05-2015-2 CIAT-GIZ-surinam-05-05-2015

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