The CIAT Executive Secretary took part in the sixth World Conference of the International Tax Dialogue (ITD)

The sixth World Conference of the International Dialogue (ITD) on Taxation and Environment was held from July 1 to 3, 2015 in the Conferences Center of the OECD in Paris, France, with the participation of the CIAT Executive Secretary, Mr Marcio F. Verdi.

The international tax dialogue (ITD) is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC), the Inter-American Bank of development (IDB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD), the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Center of tax administrations (CIAT).

To identify practical ways to use the power of taxation as an instrument of environmental policy, 300 tax and environmental authorities of high level, administrators and experts from more than 90 countries met in Paris and participated in the conference.

The objectives of environmental policy, in particular decreasing in the estimated costs of climate change, reducing the damage to health caused by pollution and improving the quality of the environment, are now priority on political agendas.

The Conference of the international dialogue on taxation (ITD) analyzed how to improve the practical application of taxation in the field of environment and how environmental taxl policy can be integrated into the overall tax policy.

The meeting addressed issues relating to tax administration, and how to overcome obstacles related to distributional effects and competitiveness, taking into account the similarities and differences between advanced economies and developing economies. Several independent sessions were dedicated to the sectors that present many opportunities for the application of environmental taxation, such as energy, natural resources, urban development, transportation, agriculture and electricity. The scope and limitations of taxation, as well as alternative or complementary ways to focus policies were analyzed.

The discussions at the Conference confirmed that these concerns are important, but noted that, in general, they should not block progress. On the other hand, carefully designed tax can help achieve the environmental goals, establish tax systems to support more growth and employment and minimizing their negative effects.

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