Virtual Meeting on Electronic Invoicing

Within the framework of the project being carried out with the support of the European Commission by the CIAT working group for developing a scheme for the exchange of electronic invoices in international trade, a working meeting was held on July 12 through the use of the CIAT platform, whose purpose was to review the proposed design. The participants included colleagues in six countries. In France, with the latest local time, the meeting started at 5:00 p.m.; in Mexico City it was 10:00 a.m. Virtual meetings will never replace the possibilities for interaction in a face-to-face meeting, but they do allow for doing a job that could hardly be done through the mere exchange of electronic mails. Some of the participants used their computer equipment and the facilities of their modern navigators, while others preferred to use their iPads as interphase.

CIAT endeavors to use this and other technologies to facilitate collaboration and consensus. Attached is a pair of pictures of the meeting.

The participants in the meeting were:

Iván Beltrán, SII-Chile; Newton Oller, SERAZ-Sao Paulo, Brazil; Fernando Martínez, SAT-Mexico; Eudaldo Almeida de Jesús, ENCAT-Brazil; Juan Crlos Lalangui, SRI-Ecuador; Rodrigue Dufaur, CE-France; Alvaro Bahía, SEFAZ-Bahía, Brazil; Vinicius Pimentel De Freitas, SEFAZ-Río Grande, Brazil; Socorro Velazquez, CIAT; Raúl Zambrano, CIAT.


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