We are moving to our new home…

We at CIAT, are feeling the same enthusiasm as a family when moving to a new house or apartment and we are not referring to a building, but rather to our virtual home which literally is totally new. It is a new CMS platform, new hosting service and above all, a new image with diverse functions that will render more pleasant our stay in our new home.

With nostalgia, we bid farewell to our previous Website, initiated six years ago with the same excitement. However, as time has gone by, it has remained as one of many experiences. Over a year ago, we undertook this project, searching for a new virtual neighborhood, a new structure where we could become the interior designers and decorators of our new home to install therein our most valuable belongings.

It was thus that we began a difficult task, with an empty structure, without contents, without paintings, with lots of boxes which we started to open and locate their contents in each of the different rooms of our new home. Having concluded the organization of the house, we  now present the new look of the CIAT Website.

The new site consists of a new design and structure that allows for easy browsing. In the main entrance there are murals with “parallax” effect showing our most important events; namely: General Assemblies, Technical Conferences, news, blogs, publications and future events.

Developed with “Responsive” technology, its design allows the user to experience a new form of browsing through mobile devices (smart phones), tablets and PCs, thereby affording easy access.

Our menu is aimed at unifying the services of each of the key areas of the organization, for simple and easy access to the contents. Some of the sections of the main menu are:

CIAT Section:

Includes all of the institution’s sections, with space allowed to each of the member Tax Administrations.

  • Publications: These appear with a more accessible design, with the option of visualizing the most consulted publications in our bibliographical collection. This section is linked to the “Jorge Eduardo Corradine” online Library System.
  • News: The Executive Secretariat’s main activities are highlighted through a new presentation.
  • CIATBlog: This is the new name and presentation given to our “BLOG”. You may follow your BLOGGERS and make your comments by using the # CIATBlog hashtag.

New Features:

  • New Subscription service: We have a new service for our subscribers, who will receive via e-mail, information of interest such as “News Alert”, eCIAT newsletter, publications, academic courses offered, CIATBLOG.
  • Redesign of the Sections: The information has been restructured and organized to facilitate browsing and interaction between the different sections and the handling of the contents.

To all our readers, we kindly ask of you a little patience. Some links in the articles, news or posts, within our site or in other sites that refer to us might seem lost. This situation will be solved gradually in the coming weeks and months.

I hereby would like to recognize Elizabeth Rodríguez, Neila Jaén and Carlos Muñoz, who assisted us in structuring this new home, to make it more modern, friendly and adaptable, but above all, accessible. I must also mention the unconditional support of the Executive Secretary, Mr. Márcio F. Verdi, as well as of the directors, Raúl Zambrano for his permanent advice and encouragement, Francisco Beiner, Socorro Velázquez, Gonzalo Arias, Alejandro Juárez and Santiago Díaz, who continuously provided us feedback for improving the functionalities of the site. Tatiana Tejada, María Sofía López, Maureen Pérez, Julio López, Omar Monteza and the other members of the organization also contributed their valuable and fundamental assistance in updating the contents.

Every thing in its right place evidences that the change of domicile has been successful!

We invite you to visit us at www.ciat.org…..WELCOME!

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Disclaimer. Readers are informed that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author's employer, organization, committee or other group the author might be associated with, nor to the Executive Secretariat of CIAT. The author is also responsible for the precision and accuracy of data and sources.

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