To register in our courses, you must fill out the online form for each event. It is important that in the last field of the form you upload in .zip format, all the required documents.

Upon concluding registration, you will be sent a formal confirmation of your registration and simultaneously, in the case of officials, we will be sending the tax administration, a letter requesting the validation of your registration. Thereafter, the registration fee will be collected.


Tax Policy and Technique Program 7ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 15, 2023

Course on Information Exchange 11ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 08, 2023

Tax Ethics and Citizenship Course 8ed.

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, April 24, 2023

Course of Business Analytics 2ed

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, April 10, 2023

Course of Customs 8ed

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, March 27 2023

Tax Code Course 7ed

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, March 20, 2023

Course on Transfer Pricing 14ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, October 03, 2022

Auditors Program 3ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, July 04, 2022

Course on Tax Collection 6ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 06, 2022

Tax Administration Program 11ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, August 22, 2022

Course on Management Skills 5th Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 13, 2022

Tax Ethics Course 8ª Edición

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, June 27, 2022

Taxation Program 11th Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, August 01, 2022

Course on Transfer Pricing 13ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 23, 2022

Course on Tax Estimates 5ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, September 19, 2022

Tax Policy and Technique Program 6ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 16, 2022

Course on Information Exchange 10ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 16, 2022

Customs Course 7ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, May 09, 2022

Course on Tax Code 7ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, March 21, 2022

Course on Transfer Pricing 12ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, October 25, 2021

Tax Administration Program 10ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, October 04, 2021

Taxation Program 10ª Edition

  • EduCIAT, Virtual, September 06, 2021

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