Training Policies

Our virtual and on-site training programs are designed and oriented to provide continuous training to strengthen the tax knowledge of our Tax Administrations’ officers.

The following policies seek to highlight some points to consider.

Participation in the training programs

It is imperative that the tax administration authorize or not the participation of officials aspiring to the CIAT training programs. The registrations received will be consulted with the respective administrations.

It is important to note that registrations by the external public will be accepted and they do not require authorization by the tax administrations.

Training programs regulations

Aspiring officials must take into account the academic rules that CIAT has established for the proper development of their training programs. 

Training programs approval certificates

The CIAT training programs trainees will receive a certificate of approval at the end of each program. These certificates are sent to each tax administration. These in turn, internally, will grant the certificate to each officer.

It is important to note that CIAT is not an educational institution. It is an international organization, based in Panama City, Panama; within its strategic objectives is the development of training programs that help strengthening the tax administrations members. Our programs are not comparable with other academic programs of educational institutions or universities; however, they are recognized by the Tax Administrations of the CIAT members.

Certifications and study certificates of training programs

Participants to the training programs may request a certificate or proof of studies in digital format, considering:

  1. Having canceled the tuition for the course or program
  2. Being active in the course or program
  3. Having completed an approved course or program (Certification)
Validation and recognition between training programs

The CIAT training programs are constantly updated, according to the progress and current issues. The trainees of older CIAT programs may validate and/or approve such courses in newer versions. The applicant should consider the following: 

  1. You should ask the CIAT Training Coordination ( the course or program you want to validate and/or approve. You must indicate the edition and year in which you participated and the current course you want to validate and/or approve.
  2. You must bear the cost of validation and/or approval, which will be 50% of the actual cost of the course or program
  3. You should complete an assessment of validation and/or approval. It will consist of a series of questions determined by the Administration for each course or program. The participant does not have access to any course material or program that he or she wants to validate and/or approve.
  4. Validations and/or approvals will only be made when the courses and programs requested are active. The applicant must wait for an active edition of the course for completing the process.

CIAT reserves its right to accept or reject any application for validating and/or approving any of their courses or programs.

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