Commemoration of the 27th. Anniversary of the National Office of the Tax Administration of Cuba

On August 4, 1994, Law No.73 “On the Tax System” was enacted, beginning the rebirth of the Cuban tax system.

To deal with this event, it was necessary to create a Tax Administration capable of tempering its actions to this new scenario. Thus, on May 31, 1995, by Agreement No. 2915 of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers, the attributions and functions of the ONAT that emerged in order to ensure the application of tax regulations, organize the collection of income and conduct the tax audit.

The founding of the office officially took place on June 29, 1995, at the Palace of the General Captains in Havana. That is why this June 29, 2022 celebrates its 27th Anniversary.

On this 27th anniversary, the ONAT exhibits new successes that contribute to the achievement of its primary objective and that are consistent with the institutional mission and vision of guaranteeing compliance with fiscal responsibilities with a quality service for the benefit of society and being an administration that provides tax services effectively, employs innovative techniques and technologies and has full, motivated and professional human resources.

We have our Tax Portal, in which several online services are implemented for taxpayers, payment facilities were expanded by implementing electronic payments, information’s exchange is guaranteed using automated platforms. We offer taxpayers the digital signature so that they can carry out their procedures online.

Work is being carried out, together with CIAT, on the implementation of the electronic tax invoice.

We connect with the Single Citizen Record, which speeds up procedures and services for taxpayers, minimizes errors in data collection and avoids requesting the same information several times, among other facilities.

The presence of ONAT on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and the “OnatdeCuba” channel on Telegram, the only interactive service established by a state institution in Cuba, with growing acceptance, increased.

In the offices there are direct telephone lines for attention and information to the taxpayer by non-face-to-face means.

And yes, there is still a lot to work on and to achieve, but definitely, we are going for more on the path of digital transformation, on our path for the good of Cuba.

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