WP-01-2024: Innovation, Digitalization and Technology Index

The second edition of the CIAT INNOVATION, DIGITALIZATION AND TECHNOLOGY INDEX (INDITEC) analyzes the pre and post pandemic evolution worldwide (174 participants in the ISORA survey).

By income level, there is a clear positive relationship with the INDITEC averages, with a very significant gap in 2021 between the Low Income (0.37) and High Income (0.58) groups of countries, although there has been an improvement in all cases with respect to the figures for 2019.

CIAT (0.59) and OECD (0.68) countries show much higher INDITEC averages in 2021 compared to the other jurisdictions, with significant progress compared to the pre-pandemic situation.

NOTE: The Working Paper is included with an Excel file to facilitate the analysis and figure representation of the results.

 Download here.

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