The SII holds the first International Seminar on Territorial Taxation and Cadaster, with the support of CIAT and the GIZ Cooperation Program of Germany

On January 9 and 10, 2017, the Internal Tax Service (SII) of Chile, with the collaboration of the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) and the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ), held the First International Seminar on Territorial Tax and Cadaster.

The main objective of this activity was to update knowledge and propose new technologies, in order to train more effective and efficient officials in this area. This initiative sought to share experiences used in other countries regarding the valuation of the cadaster and its possible implementation in Chile.

The seminar was presented by prominent international specialists from Brazil, Spain, France, and FAO; distinguished scholars from Chilean universities, representatives of other governmental entities and the SII also participated.

Among the main topics addressed are the valuation and cadastral management, comparisons of tools designed for the administration of the Territorial Tax, as well as the definition of potential new uses of this information in agreement with the current tax control plans.

Exhibitors of the First International Seminar on Territorial Tax and Cadaster organized
by the Chilean SII


Mr. Fernando Barraza Luengo, Director of the Internal Tax Service of Chile.

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